Many elderly people (and other age groups) live their life with a sense of ennui and don’t know how to pull themselves out of it. Then there is Charles, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a conference in Boston. Charles graduated from Harvard 61 years ago and still attends conferences and sits in the front row paying close attention to whoever is speaking. He is the definition of a life-long learner. I found myself paying attention to little details about him, out of the corner of my eye, as I knew I would learn many things.

He is a tall man, quite formidable, with bright blue eyes and a waft of white hair. He wore slacks, a blue blazer, a patterned shirt and brightly striped tie. Albert Einstein crossed my mind, hence the below quote from Professor Einstein which seems so appropriate. Charles gently pushed a walker and its use seemed to be mostly for sitting when someone came up to him to ideate. He loved to engage and would ask and answer questions: his zest for life was obvious.

I believe that Charles offers two essentials qualities for a life well lived—he is curious and has a hearty sense of humor. He told me that he studies the brain, and that he may now “be on to something big!” He said this with conviction and a big smile.

Charles embodies curiosity and humor. Thanks Charles and keep attending those conferences and allowing us to learn from you.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
Albert Einstein